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Software Development

Since our establishment in 2016,our team have acquired a wealth of experience by being exposed to all of the key business processes – from small to enterprise level businesses. Our team makes sure to share these experiences with customers so that they can take comfort in the fact that new projects are built on the success of previous projects.

"AV Corporation: The IT Garage “can offer you comprehensive online solutions which incorporate the latest technology. We can also develop from the simplest website to the most complex web-based applications and recommend the configuration that best meets your objectives.

The software developers at “AV Corporation: The IT Garage” are passionate about the technology that is driving the modern world. They are all qualified professionals with expert knowledge of database technologies and programming languages such as PHP ASP.NET , JSP,HTML5 , CSS, CSS3,JS, PHOTOSHOP,CORELDRAW ETC..

We provide Custom Software’s, Different City, Hospitals, Schools Offices are using our software’s. Like Hotel Management software, School Management, Restaurant and all Customized Software’s

For Software development or any other enquiry related to IT, you can contact us on avcorporation2016@gmail.com

"AV Corporation: The IT Garage “follows Its own Life-Cycle. The Life Cycle Phase are: